Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Free e-Picture Book

I have just published “Pet My Dragon?” on both the Kindle and the Nook formats and I will be giving away free e–pub versions of this book to anyone who is willing to write a review of this book on either the Amazon Kindle page

or Barnes and Noble Nook page

The nitty gritty:
1.     For one week only! (2/8 – 2/28) 
2.     The e-pub version can be read on the free Nook reader from Barnes and Noble.  
3.     E-mail me if you want to participate info(at)curtistaylor.biz
4.     I will e-mail you the e-pub doc titled pnlost.epub
5.     Read, enjoy
6.     Review (they can be short) at Amazon or B&N
7.     Please don’t share the book with others, send them back here and I will be happy to e-mail them their free copy.

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