Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Licensing Agents

It has been a busy month! I have been to an illustrators meeting, updated the SoCal region of SCBWI website umpteen times, and updated my website. Instead of writing or drawing any new stories I have been busy writing and illustrating my family’s holiday card designing and producing 20 new greeting cards (available in January) and my blog quietly reached 1400 hits. Last but not least I queried no less than 25 licensing agents.

Licensing agents sell the temporary rights of use to your artwork. The companies that purchase the rights can then use the artwork on t-shirts, napkins, greeting cards, etc. The artist is then paid a royalty minus a commission for the agent. I found a list of agents here:

That list contains quite a diverse collection of agencies and you will find agents who are looking for anything from cute and cuddly to nature photography. You are sure to find your niche and the good news is that it doesn’t take more than a minute or two before you know if your artwork will fit “what they are looking for”. Most of the firms on that list have online submission forms which make the query or submission process very easy. A quick Google search and you can find the agent’s website and their submission guidelines are usually easy to find. Generally all they want is contact information and a website.

Happy Hunting . . . Holidays.

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