Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The recipe I submitted to They Draw and Cook wasn’t picked for their compilation cook book. I am rolling with the punches today and trying to remember there must be a silver lining here somewhere.

One could say “Hey you had fun designing that recipe.” I did.

Or “You had your 30 seconds in front of an art director for a publishing company.” I did, give or take 5 seconds.

Maybe even “When the recipe is posted in January it will get viewed by a much larger audience than I can reach now” Most certainly.

I would probably sigh and nod and say something like “Yea, your right. Also, I have a holiday recipe that will be posted sometime this month that was fun to design and it will have 30 seconds in front of an art director and it will be viewed by a much larger audience. But I think the best part of this rejection is that I get to share the recipe with you today.”

No go out and enjoy a Hawaiian treat. It really is good!

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