Friday, November 19, 2010

Graphic Novels v. Comic Books

Is it a graphic novel or comic book? Is there a difference? I found this explanation at Wise Geek:

There are several standout differences between graphic novels and comic books. Typically, you could observe that the standard comic book is usually thin, with a paper cover, and it continues, begins or concludes a story that has been addressed in other comic books. Both the graphic novel and the comic book tell their story primarily with pictures and some words, but graphic novels tend to cover one story only in its entirety (though there may be sequels).

So with that tidbit in mind I guess I am introducing my new COMIC BOOK project: Bus Stop Adventures. I am planning on this becoming a three story series (maybe more) based on the imaginative adventures of my son as we walked home from the bus stop. A walk that should take a few minutes that was almost always drawn out to a half hour because any object (a stick, string, a piece of bark, etc.) would engage his overactive imagination.

The “official” pitch: 
Bus Stop Adventures is intended as an early reader comic book series for boys. Each edition of Bus Stop Adventures follows an imaginative young boy home from the bus stop and each adventure focuses on a discarded object he finds along the way.

The Whip is the first issue of Bus Stop Adventures and focuses on a piece of discarded twine. After discovering the twine which becomes a whip, the boy creates an imaginary adventure that takes him deep into a jungle in search of a missing idol. His guide, a disguised archeologist, tries to sabotage the boy’s efforts to claim the idol for himself. The guide’s efforts never work out the way they were planned and eventually they backfire on him. As you might guess, the boy retrieves the idol and is able to deliver it to the museum.

Enjoy this preview!

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