Monday, March 15, 2010

Working like a Pro?

I am not sure if I am since I am not a professional illustrator, yet. Over the last 8 months I have been reading a lot of reference materials and blogs. I find the blogs particularly interesting. Generally, they get to the point with no nonsense tips without the fluff (stuff that I don’t want to read) found in many print resources.

But reading between the lines is always where the true story lies. These blogs are all written by professionals. Some are written for professionals, some are written for amateur, wannabies like me. The important message here is “dress like the position you want to hold”. I want to be a professional illustrator.

So I work every day, sometimes in a very regimented “office hours” sort of way but also whenever the bug bites me. Having my office in the garage is convenient. If a flash of inspiration hits I can get a preliminary sketch or detailed notes written right away and ready for the next day.

Treating myself as a professional, I am protective of my “office hours”. I want to work during that time. I don’t want to do the dishes, the laundry or run errands. This is my time to “work”. Sure there are things that you can’t get around but that happened when I was teaching, also.

So I am trying to work like a pro. I guess once I get something published then I can compare my wannabe and professional working habits. I do think it will be nice to get paid for the work I am doing now. Although I know that will have its own professional challenges.


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  1. I've never quite been able to keep *real* hours for working, but when I am working, I am working and I don't want to be disturbed. In general, these days the only thing that disturbs my work is other work.