Friday, March 12, 2010

The Purpose

My intent for this blog is to chronicle my adventures in seeking representation and/or publication for any of my illustrations or stories. Once that happens then I can promote any published materials here. I expect that there will be many more submission (mostly magazines for now) tales than promotion, at least in the beginning. I hope that my experiences will be of some help for anyone else who may decide to travel this path.

I have a tearsheet (yes that is a word) supplement that I include with every submission but I am also creating new illustrations specific for each submission. Every now and again I will have a few illustrations already completed but for the most part I am creating anywhere from five to ten new illustrations for any given magazine submission. This serves three purposes that I can think of offhand. First, it helps to tailor a submission and shows that I have taken the time to research the kind of illustrations used in any given magazine. Secondly, I am also building my library of images that I can use for other submissions or as elements in any story. Lastly, it ensures that I am drawing everyday and it is also improving my drawing skills.

I am using Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market as the reference book to begin my searches for possible clients. It is a good place to start and helps me narrow now my searches to two categories. The first category is e-mail and the second snail mail. I am focusing on the e-mail submission first. This category is broken down into two sub-categories: attachments or links. My first priority will be magazines that accept attachments. When those submissions are finished I will respond to magazines that only accept links using my Photobucket account. Once the e-mail friendly magazines are tapped then I will move to the snail mail submissions. I am hoping to do three or four magazine submissions each week.

In between all the magazine submission I will be submitting children’s stories I have written to agents and publishers. Right now I am waiting for a response from an agent. The story is titled LOST and is a story that I wrote while I was in college. I am hopeful for that this can find an agent or a publisher because the initial reaction from this potential agent was positive. I will update on this submission more when I know more.

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