Tuesday, August 3, 2010


It was a fast paced four days to be sure. Over the next few days/weeks I will share some of the important information I was able to digest. I know I will be blogging about current market conditions, peer critiques, graphic novels and of digital media formats.

But for now, I am finding it a daunting task just to put an order to all the conference goodies I picked up in the last four days. I was fairly selective but still there are business cards, illustrator “take-aways”, notes, receipts and the ever important doodles that have to be organized into potential publishers, potential agents and new friends.

I will be trying to find a happy medium over the next few days between blogging about the conference, organizing submissions, my kids and writing a new story that is starting to take over my brain.

Ok, now back to work or maybe just a few more minutes on facebook.

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