Monday, May 17, 2010

A new record.

The following was written a couple weeks ago and then I got really busy with a rewrite and I am now just getting back to it…

I set a new personal record last week, four rejections in two days. How was I so productive? A few weeks ago I was researching handful of publishers that were going to be attending the LA Times Festival of Books. A quick Google search and I was able to find their contact info. One of those publishers accepted e-mail submissions. I have a submission packet set for each of my stories and so it was relatively easy to personalize a cover letter and attach the necessary files to an e-mail. I submitted two stories in two separate e-mails. The website guidelines stated that it would be six to eight weeks before I should expect a response. Just a few hours later I received a response. The personalized rejection letter responded to both of my submissions and caught one very embarrassing typo. I responded with a gracious thank you for taking the time to review my work and also for editing my book. The next morning during my run I thought I might as well send in another submission. After all I got a speedy response so I might as well and at the very least I will know the response fairly quickly. The third submission was returned within fifteen minutes with a rejection and comment about bright and rhyming verse. I just so happened to have one of those types of stories and submitted that immediately. What did I have to loose? Within ten minutes and probably closer to five I received a response. 4 for 4! That is pretty good for anybody. I responded with a light hearted response and thanked him for all his time.

Oh well, I am four rejections closer to a acceptance.

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  1. Personal comments are a huge step ahead. You're getting actual editor feedback, which is enormously helpful. I started back in the SASE days, so my slow rejections were often accompanied by the form letter: Dear Author.....