Monday, June 20, 2011

Sex and Salmonella: final e-cover design

Sex and Salmonella sketches
and early design mockups.

This concept sketch is quite a bit more refined than Funeral Food but I still wanted to add way too many elements into the frame.

The first "frame" and you can see why it was quickly rejected.  For some reason I thought the tarp and cardboard were going to work.

The custom carnival font made its first appearance, though.  The carnival font spurred a thought to make the "frame" look like a vintage carnival poster

The vintage carnival poster made its debut with the third version.  I knew I had a keeper with that design but I ran into a wall when it came time to add the inside elements.  

As with the Funeral Food cover, cutting the clutter was the key. I cut the initial elements by 2/3 (I won't bore you with those covers) and then I cut the number of elements again for the final version

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  1. Always fascinating to see the progress of the cover art!