Friday, April 29, 2011

Cover Designs

By the end of the year the e-book conversions of the Tory Bauer mystery series will be complete. For those of you who don't know there are six installments in this series set around an aging, overweight cafe waitress working in the fictional town of Delphi, South Dakota. Oh, and the author of this series is my Mom, Kathleen Taylor.

I had been nagging her for quite some time to convert this out of print series to any e-book format to no avail. Then a opportunity came-a-knocking. A professor friend who teaches e-book technology offered to convert her books as a class project. The students would get some real world experience and my Mom would get her books converted for free. Unfortunately, the books were written in the time of 5 ¼ floppy disks and the manuscripts were printed and mailed to the publisher so there weren't any edited electronic files that could be easily uploaded.  This meant that six copies of the book would have to be disassembled and scanned. The conversion of the first three books are almost complete and the last three will be completed next semester.

So this is where I come in. My Mom asked me to design the new “covers” for the e-versions of her books. I said yes immediately not knowing exactly what I would do at the time but I knew I would have time to figure that out. After a few weeks of percolating I started to develop a theme or style that would be used across the board for all six covers. I have scanned two of my rough (very rough) sketches to use as examples while I explain the uniform elements of each cover.

1. Each cover will have some kind of frame layer on top and that frame will be unique to the story. Neither of the sketches have a frame yet.

2. Each element will be photographic and “cut-out” with a drop shadow to add a layered effect.

3. Kathleen Taylor will be found at the top and behind all the layers.

4. The main elements will layer on top of the author’s name.

5. The title will be either a part of the frame layer or added as a separate element behind the frame layer. The title element will always be unique to the story and near the bottom of the cover. It will also be the most prominent element on the cover.

Stay tuned for full color mockups

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