Monday, April 19, 2010

Blog sites

It has been a busy week. Most of my “work” time was spent prepping for a six year old Harry Potter birthday party. The clip art today was a drawing that was repeated throughout invites, a marauder map prop and name plates. It was a lot of fun watching three boys and their Potter dramatic play.

Since the party decorations fell directly on my shoulders I didn’t have a lot of energy or time to do much illustrating or submission work. I did manage to get a submission sent out today but for the most part I was reading through a Google search of illustrator blogs.

I came across the Purple Crayon by Harold Underdown. This is a good blog for a beginner such as myself. There are many articles ranging from basic information to self publishing. Each heading contains many links written by Harold and when appropriate other blog authors. I haven’t made it through the whole site yet but so far I really like what I have seen.

That is it for now and my first resource link but I always looking for other resources and I am sure I will post many more.


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